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Case Study:

TFB Building Inspections, LLC

TFB Building Inspections, LLC is a family owned small business based in Wichita, KS. They inspect residential and commercial properties for buyers and sellers, and offer multiple other services.

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Increase in repeat clientele business annually


Increased overall contracted jobs for 2017


Increased annual revenue


The Solution


TFB Building Inspections, LLC has undergone two major brand shifts since I started working with them.


The first occurred all the way back in 2014 when the company was called Tom F. Beard Building Inspections, and was a largely cosmetic rebranding that also focused on strategic spending. For example, I was able to rebuild their website on Wix, which not only improved functionality, increased conversion, and is fully customized - it saved them over $2000 per year on hosting costs!

The second rebranding came in 2019 and was a uniquely challenging transformation: Tom F. Beard, the namesake of the company and partner, passed away. Because of the partnership structure of the company they legally had to restructure and re-file as a Limited Liability Company under a new name. 

This offered two unique challenges: The branding needed to change to reflect the new actual company, but also needed to remain the same so long-time clients weren't confused. The second was that since the namesake of the company had passed away, and the company named after him technically no longer existed, there was a concern that many clients would believe the business had closed altogether and go elsewhere. 

We decided to keep the logo, simply rebrand to TFB rather than changing the name altogether, and run a grass-roots social media campaign to cement the fact that the business was still open and thriving. We focused on an emphasis on service offered and the potential cost to those who forego a home inspection when buying a house. 


I've worked with TFB Building Inspections on everything from business cards to brochures, contracts to Christmas cards. 

In addition to marketing deliverables I've developed back-end management systems, expense reporting forms; edited, written, and designed contracts, letters, legal documents, and other copy.

Social Media

I've worked with Dave on everything from business cards to brochures to Christmas cards. Additionally I've helped layout 


I've worked with Dave on everything from business cards to brochures to Christmas cards. Additionally I've helped layout 

Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

When re-evaluating the TFB brand we wanted to build trust by emphasizing the simple fact that knowledge is power. Whether buying a property or selling it, knowing what is an issue and what may become an issue set you up to be able to plan, repair, and bargain.

See it with clarity, buy it with confidence

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